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Located at 2471 Baglyos Circle, Bethlehem

At 5 Layer Fitness we’ve created a sanctuary for building strength on every level. Our unique classes incorporate movement education, yoga, heat, strength training, meditation and focused awareness for an empowering wellness experience that transforms every layer of you.

Get started today with 2-weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $39

With your 2-week intro package, you will receive unlimited access to ALL classes, including...

  • 5 Layer Bikram Hot Yoga

    A 26 postures sequence selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury from Hatha Yoga. It has been proven to systematically work every part of the body and provide every movement needed to maintain optimum health and maximum function.

  • 5 Layer Yoga

    An immersive yoga experience that unites your mind and body. We guide you through empowering movements that help you connect to the deepest levels of your being.

  • 5 Layer Body Lab

    This is our signature creation that blends precision movement with resistance training and weaves mindset and meditation throughout. Expect to work hard and sweat but leave feeling energized – not broken down.
    *Body Lab is a 3 to 6-week series carefully designed for results, but you can jump in at any time.

  • 5 Layer Fusion

    Functional strength training and moderate cardio come together to ignite your inner warrior. You will learn how to exercise effectively.

  • 5 Layer Boxing

    Our boxing instructor is a former world champion who is passionate about helping clients build confidence. This skillful core conditioning will offer you the most amazing spiritual awaking and complete boxing workout

  • 5 Layer Spin

    A low-impact cardio session on a studio cycle bike set to great music. You will gain focus, endurance, burn calories, and share energy with your other class riders.

Maria's Story

My introduction to yoga was a godsend. A friend suggested I try yoga during a very difficult and trying time in my life. Initially, I just dabbled. As I began to feel some benefits, I dove in. Yoga came to heal all my physical aches and injuries. But it’s not why I originally began practicing. I began practicing for stress-relief and mental clarity. It was through the mental clarity that my practice gave me that I was able to see that I had gone about fitness in an unhealthy way. I developed a desire to help people stay strong and healthy and most importantly learning along the way. My responsibility now is to help people become stronger and share with them great tools to create vibrant health.

- Maria, Owner


Absolutely love 5 Layer fitness. Maria is so welcoming, knowledgeable and willing to help. Try out this fitness studio. They offer yoga, spinning, boxing and strength. Such a great group of instructors and members. I am so thankful to be apart of this community!!!!

- Christina

I just join 5 layer fitness. Upon entering the studio I immediately picked up on good vibes. Instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable. Classes are challenging and delightfully stimulating. Thank you so much! Looking forward to my next visit!

- Muskan

This was my first time visiting 5 Layer Fitness & it was a pleasure, the staff is very welcoming & friendly. The property is very well maintained & clean they offer several different classes to stay fit. My experience was great 😊 & I will be going back!

- Latoya

Hot yoga was 1 of the most intense workouts I've had in a long time. Candle light yoga was perfect for a good workout, but also very relaxing and mindful. Great place with nice staff!

- Tasha


Where is 5 Layer Fitness located?

5 Layer Fitness is located in 2471 Baglyos Circle, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18020

What's the best way to ensure my experience is a success?

That’s simple.

Show up.

Be ready to have fun and laugh through the hard and the easy.

I’m a beginner.

Any suggestions on where to start?

And, what a fabulous beginning this is. Many of our students who are just starting out love the 5 Layer Yoga sessions, but our teachers will help you modify regardless of where you choose to start.

We’re also more than happy to help you book all of your sessions, so we make sure this is the best experience for you. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll set everything up for you.

I’m an experienced yogi.

What’s the best session for me?

We’re delighted you’re considering continuing to grow your practice with us. We have experienced students across all of our classes, so the good news is wherever you land, you’re going to find a teacher ready to challenge your practice.

That said, we suggest 5 Layer Yoga to anyone new to the studio. You may also find 5 Layer Bikram Hot Yoga to be a great starting point. We’re also more than happy to help you book all of your sessions, so we make sure this is the best experience for you. Just send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 610-317-9642 and we’ll set everything up for you.

2471 Baglyos Cir, Bethlehem, PA 18020, USA


2471 Baglyos Circle, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18020

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